A daily journey, always the same but different at the same time, marked by the sound of the train, by the images that are running into the frame of the window and by the voice that is telling the same old story again and again.
A flow of shapes, colors and sounds which repeat over and over becoming a  sort of “mantra”.

I shot the images with a digital camera while  I was moving back and forth from Manhattan to Brooklyn on the subway. In fact I lived for a few months in New York city at the end of 2006 and like many people do, I passed several hours a day on the subway.
The project was started as a photographic series, then amplified with a video thanks to a collaboration with the artist Mirco Tarsi.


The video project was conceived and realized with the artist Mirco Tarsi.
It’s a long and arduous project which consists in mounting the single pictures to make the frames of 24 hours video.
Each minute is composed of 1,500 frames by 6,000 single images mounted.
In the video you see four screens where the pictures pass with different intervals like a sort of  metaphysical clock made up of pictures instead of hands.
From right to left we see:
1.  Screen of the TIME.  The images will be projected at 1/25 of second intervals. This screen represents the temporal dimension of the travel.

2. Screen of the IMPRESSION. The sixty images in loop will be projected at one second intervals. This represents the mental snapshot, that is when our mind records an image.

3. Screen of PERSISTENCE. The sixty images in loop will be projected at one-minute intervals. This shows the phase of persistence in our memory of the images recorded during the travel.

4. Screen of the OBSESSION. The 24 images in loop will be projected at one-hour intervals. This represents the obsessive fixity of the images of our trip as mental abstractions.



"Mi lavo i peccati dal viso" is a one-minute video realized in 2007 but shot in 2003 in Bangkok from a taxi. The soundtrack is the prayer of Buddhist monks recorded in a temple of Bangkok. The video has been selected to partecipate to the 2007 edition of Videominuto, the happening at Luigi Pecci Contemporary Art Centre in Prato.